What is HYIP?
What is HYIP?
HYIP (High-Yield Investment Program) is a project that promises high returns on investment deposits.

HYIP (High-Yield Investment Program) is a project that promises high returns on investment deposits. As a rule, payments to the first participants are taking from the contributions of the new participants. It makes HYIP projects related to pyramids and Ponzi schemes.

High-Yield Investment is becoming more and more popular among ordinary people. Not so long since the main interest in this sphere of profits was proved mainly by professionals financial specialists. Today, however, the situation in the field of investment has changed are many different areas designed for users without special training.

What is HYIP?

HYIP Monitor short for High Yield Investment Program Monitor, is an unbiased and official 3rd party online directory where users can access current and accurate information regarding the financial stats of many HYIP websites in real-time. You can also link to leading agencies and make investments with the click of a button.

The HYIP site success depends on the quality payout plans, how the administrator was able to calculate the investment rates values
Evaluating the website quality can draw certain conclusions about the platform durability, based on its design and content

The HYIP’s success depends on the advertising promotion and the administrator’s development plan quality. (a competent advertising campaign should involve a phased promotional materials distribution on popular Internet resources)
To receive profit from participation in this or that project only if all factors evaluation taken correctly. Otherwise, there is a losing invested fund high probability. To minimize risks necessary to use effective ways to diversify them. Risk diversification is an integral part of the work of any experienced investor.

Monitoring services
Monitoring services are websites whose organizers constantly collect statistical information about the high-yield program’s performance. Monitors aggregate a lot of information describing in detail the HYIP profitability level, the opening date, the earned funds withdrawal conditions, and much more. In addition, these statistical and analytical services produce an online tracking solvency HYIP projects status feature that allows you to protect novice investors from a knowingly failed investment idea.

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MonitorHYIPs.com is an HYIP Monitor You Can Trust
By now you understand the full value that HYIPs offer, as well as the need for HYIP Monitor sites to provide information compiled in an easy-to-view database.